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Illustration of a purple hand that is dripping from lubricant poured over it. Surrounding the hand are floating illustrations of previously used lubricants such as yams, lubrication jelly, seaweed and olive oil.

Game of Lubes - the who’s, the when and the what now’s....

July 25 2021
It’s not often we think about when, how or even give the nod of approval to our helping friend lubricant - back in the olden days when sex was a mostly hidden act. As you read on you will see that lube has come a long way. It's important to remember, in order to advocate for anything we must understand the struggle to be able to appreciate the current. 
BDSM and Chronic Pain

BDSM and Chronic Pain

December 6 2020

In my personal life, and past relationships, there have been comments made and questions asked regarding why I, as someone with chronic pain, am a fan of BDSM. If there was more disabled representation when openly discussing elements of BDSM in marketing and educational material, I feel that these questions, whether voiced or internalised, wouldn’t be so commonplace.

Illustration of a person in a wheelchair browsing on their computer and looking at vibrators. There are 3 different vibrators on the screen.

Accessible Sex Toys for People with Disabilities

November 28 2020
Sex and sexuality can be negatively affected by a disability, acute illness, or chronic disease. One way that occupational therapists can work with clients to help them return to sexual function is to embrace sex toys and positioning aides as adaptive equipment. So, let’s discuss barriers to sexuality and some sex aides that can help clients overcome them!
Illustration of a person lying in a sling with her arms raised behind her head and her legs dangling in the air. She is surrounded by various sex toys.

Cripping Up Sex

October 11 2020

I don’t have the luxury of keeping my sex toys private. I have Cerebral Palsy, which for me means I use a wheelchair and need help with any physical activities from eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and everything in between. When I was 19 I had this really cool aide, shortly after hiring him he asked me “Eva, do you masturbate?”. I looked at him like “how the hell would I do that?”

Illustration of a person sitting in a bath with headphones on. They are holding an iPod and have a bionic arm. Their other hand is holding a glass of wine.


September 15 2020
My perfect, it’s meant to be, man I thought I was going to marry and have a million kids with pulled “it’s not you, it’s me” on my cute little butt.  It was an emotionally traumatic experience, to say the least, even for a strong, independent woman like myself. To get through this breakup I was going to do anything to fast track the healing process and within that, I found a little nugget of gold: sex and relationship podcasts. 
Illustration of a timeline of sex toys through the ages.

The History of Sex Toys

August 19 2020

In 2005, a team of archeologists unearthed a 28,000-year-old dildo. This phallus was distinguished as an ‘elongated polished item with round incisions at the top’ by its finders. With this image in mind, we invite you to join us on a voyage into the expansive history of human sexuality, exploring the prevalence of sex toys in the form of leather, wood, stone, goatskin and even camel dung. Viva la orgasm!

Image that reads 'The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed' with a picture of FlexMami inset.

The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed ft XES Products

August 16 2020

We recently caught up with FlexMami on her podcast Whatever I Want to discuss the lack of accessibility in the sex toy industry. 

Topics discussed include: How inaccessible the sex toy industry can be; what kind of sex toys people with varying needs and abilities may need; how the industry is improving and where it's regressing; and more... 

Illustration of a person with their hand covering their pubic area. The person is coloured in red and their arm is orange. They have hair covering their body. Their pubic area hair is shaped with a loveheart.

The pleasure quest

August 5 2020
So you can imagine how excited I was to add another human into the mix. And look, after the natural first few fumbles that come with losing your V plates, doing the deed was starting to get good. But it was just that, good. Not great. Not explosive. Not even close to what I could achieve with 30 seconds and my right hand. I was into the sex, but why did I feel the need to go home and finish myself off?