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Illustration of a spine with the spinal cord splitting in half. The spinal cord illustration resembles a power cord splitting in half.

Let’s talk about sex and intimacy in healthcare

September 5 2021

Undressing, showering, toileting — we’re raised to think of these as private tasks. But if you’re a person with disability then you’ll know it can be completely necessary and accepted that healthcare workers become involved. There is another aspect of care that unfortunately gets neglected in most healthcare settings — that is, the subject of sex.

Illustration of a woman using lying on her back on a fit ball. She is being supported by a pelvic floor physiotherapist who is dressed in white. The client has eczema and a prosthetic leg fitted for an above knee amputation

Painful Sex and Recommendations from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

April 23 2021
Many clients who experience painful sex are told that it is “normal” or just something you deal with…This is far from the truth. In this blog I explain what a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist is and I give you 3 tips to take into the bedroom to help with the pain you may be experiencing.
Disability Pride: Unlearning Shame and Reclaiming Pleasure

Disability Pride: Unlearning Shame and Reclaiming Pleasure

December 20 2020
I have always carried shame in my body like a vital organ; growing with me, living in and as a part of me. The processes of claiming pride in my identity as a disabled person and reclaiming pleasure have had a symbiotic relationship. I have encountered many barriers to pleasure; pain, fear of injury, lack of privacy and feeling as though I was no longer attractive...
Illustration of a person sitting on the floor looking at their phone surrounded by floating like and follow social media icons. Next to the person is a skinny woman with a big bum and a man with defined ab muscles.

The Pressures of Social Media

November 8 2020

We are living in a digital age where constant judgement and expectations are tied to the superficiality of social media. Where one day skinny is sexy, then the next, strong is the new ‘it’. There is an ever-changing bodily ideal that is considerably unattainable for most. How can we please our romantic and sexual partners and be considered attractive if we do not view ourselves this way? 

Illustration of the female reproductive organs with a swap taking some cells from the uterus.

A Pap Smear Gone Haywire

November 1 2020
I went to get my first pap smear when I was 18. I called the free university health service and requested a female doctor. For any adults with a uterus, a pap smear or cervical screening is an inevitable part of maintaining our sexual health and preventing cervical cancer.  However, sometimes the way we are treated by healthcare professionals can have a profound impact on our health-seeking behaviours. 
Vector illustration of a backpack with items spilling out including condoms, a banana, lube, rope, vibrators, pills, IUD, butt plugs and a cock ring. Large purple writing that reads "Sex Ed!"

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Cervical Screen

November 1 2020

Going for your first Cervical Screening Test, or Pap smear, can seem daunting and scary. We are here to tell you that is not the case. A Cervical Screening Test usually only takes a few minutes and is one of the safest ways to prevent Cervical cancer. We've broken down the steps of getting a Cervical Screen so you know exactly what to expect. 

Illustration of a person lying in a sling with her arms raised behind her head and her legs dangling in the air. She is surrounded by various sex toys.

Cripping Up Sex

October 11 2020

I don’t have the luxury of keeping my sex toys private. I have Cerebral Palsy, which for me means I use a wheelchair and need help with any physical activities from eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and everything in between. When I was 19 I had this really cool aide, shortly after hiring him he asked me “Eva, do you masturbate?”. I looked at him like “how the hell would I do that?”

Illustration of a couple in a gym setting. One person is doing a sit up and kissing the other who is in a plank position.

Get them to the gym!

October 4 2020

As expected, he wants to do everything he can to fulfil this desire. At the start of this new method his stamina was insufficient and he’d ultimately collapse on the bed in fatigue, unable to sustain it. He kept trying time after time, but again his stamina and strength were lacking.

*** Please note: this blog was written with light-hearted humour and is not intended to be taken seriously.*** 

Illustration of a mother (with a visible c-section scar) with her partner behind her. Her partner is wrapping her arms around her stomach.

Mothering and Intimacy with Janelle Gullan

September 19 2020
Becoming a mother is one of the most significant rites of passage you will ever experience. However, the journey to postpartum can challenge your physical, mental, sexual and emotional wellbeing. Janelle Gullan has a passion for nurturing and empowering women to navigate conception, pregnancy, birth and mothering with self-love, confidence and vitality.
My Reproductive Organs Hate Me

My Reproductive Organs Hate Me

September 8 2020
By the time I was twenty-four I was back to soaking through tampons and pads. It hurt to have sex, it hurt to stand up for too long, it hurt to get out of bed, it hurt to go to the toilet. My cycle brought with it never-ending stabbing pains, waves of nausea and unpredictable bloating. Enough was enough when I started to get non-stop pins and needles in my pelvic area and when sex became too painful to tolerate.
Image that reads 'The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed' with a picture of FlexMami inset.

The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed ft XES Products

August 16 2020

We recently caught up with FlexMami on her podcast Whatever I Want to discuss the lack of accessibility in the sex toy industry. 

Topics discussed include: How inaccessible the sex toy industry can be; what kind of sex toys people with varying needs and abilities may need; how the industry is improving and where it's regressing; and more... 

My goddam uterus

My goddam uterus

July 11 2020
Once a month like clockwork, I was encumbered by visceral shooting pains and cramping. I simply thought the much-anticipated war had arrived and the battleground was situated squarely within my pelvic region. Awoken by the pain in the early hours of the morning, hobbled over on my bathroom floor, heat pack in hand, I was sharing – albeit so I thought – in that uniquely female experience...
An illustration of an (orange coloured) naked man and woman standing with the erogenous zones on their body labelled.

You're in the zone

July 11 2020
Let’s start with an anecdote, shall we? Picture this: you’re young, cradling the space between childhood and your teenage years. In the playground, perhaps. A school friend runs on over, settles their fingertips in a ball across your undressed knees and tenderly splays them open. “That,” they tell you, “is 1/8th of an orgasm.”