Promoting accessibility with XES

Illustration of various healthcare products.

Illustration by Jessica Oddi 

XES Products is an online sex toy store dedicated to providing premium, accessible products and resources for everyone, without exception. In particular, we focus on empowering individuals with physical, cognitive and sexual health conditions to engage their sexuality, join the conversation around sexual wellbeing and explore their innermost desires. 

Our intention is to host a safe space that facilitates much-needed dialogue around topics that don’t have a place in everyday conversation and to debunk myths that exclude certain people from exploring their sexuality. On this platform, you’ll find sex-positive blogs that explore a range of important topics and challenge the stigmatisation of people with physical or cognitive limitations expressing sexual desire. 

“Every person has different points of views and different needs”

Things that XES Products are doing to promote accessibility:

  1. At XES we are aware that people with disabilities make up a large part of our population and therefore we are trying to ensure that our team and contributors reflect this. 
  2. We have added an accessibility button on all pages that allows the user to modify their site experience to their needs and wants. 
  3. We have included alternate text on all images for those that use screen readers.
  4. We have included an “Access with XES” section on each of our products, which highlights the accessible features and how it can be beneficial to you!
  5. We are aware that we are not perfect, and we are always trying to learn and change for the better. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email us. 

Our website and blogs may use different forms of language - whether it’s “identity first” or “person-first.” We are always trying our best to be respectful and considerate of our readers, and we understand that every person has different points of views and different needs. 

As such, we are continually looking to expand our knowledge and create a supportive community that values all things sex! If you have anything you want to say, feel free to write in and help build our blogging community. Whether it’s educational, personal or just straight-up fun we are always looking for new blogs to share on our site.

The only rule that we have is that you are respectful of the XES platform and the people who are viewing it.

If you are interested in joining the XES blog team then please drop us a hello at:

For all other enquiries:



Jessica Oddi (@oddi.jessica) is a disabled graphic designer in Canada with versatility to spare. She is particularly interested in collaborations involving much needed representation, inclusivity and empowerment

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