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vector illustration of a black person with blonde hair leaning back in their wheelchair while a white person with red hair is giving them oral.

Replacing the P in Pain with Pleasure! - A Guide

September 26 2021
It’s the year 2020 and we still find people settling for painful sexual encounters believing that it’s normal or inevitable. This guide explains how to live a totally fulfilling and sexually satisfying, meaningful and pleasurable life regardless of one's pain. The blog discusses creating a pleasure toolkit, promoting intimacy, adaptations, modifications, and more!
Illustration of a spine with the spinal cord splitting in half. The spinal cord illustration resembles a power cord splitting in half.

Let’s talk about sex and intimacy in healthcare

September 5 2021

Undressing, showering, toileting — we’re raised to think of these as private tasks. But if you’re a person with disability then you’ll know it can be completely necessary and accepted that healthcare workers become involved. There is another aspect of care that unfortunately gets neglected in most healthcare settings — that is, the subject of sex.

Illustration of two people standing on a staircase facing each other. One is handing the other a flower. They are both holding books that say "Going on a Date - A Social Story".

Dating on the spectrum

December 3 2020
Because dating can be more challenging for neurodiverse people, from the outside, people often assume that this indicates a lack of interest – but it couldn’t be further from the truth. While there is diversity in all of our relationship preferences, they are an important and fundamental part of being human, and this is no different for people on the autism spectrum. Sex and relationships are good for us too!
Illustration of a person in a wheelchair browsing on their computer and looking at vibrators. There are 3 different vibrators on the screen.

Accessible Sex Toys for People with Disabilities

November 28 2020
Sex and sexuality can be negatively affected by a disability, acute illness, or chronic disease. One way that occupational therapists can work with clients to help them return to sexual function is to embrace sex toys and positioning aides as adaptive equipment. So, let’s discuss barriers to sexuality and some sex aides that can help clients overcome them!
Vector illustration of a backpack with items spilling out including condoms, a banana, lube, rope, vibrators, pills, IUD, butt plugs and a cock ring. Large purple writing that reads "Sex Ed!"

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Cervical Screen

November 1 2020

Going for your first Cervical Screening Test, or Pap smear, can seem daunting and scary. We are here to tell you that is not the case. A Cervical Screening Test usually only takes a few minutes and is one of the safest ways to prevent Cervical cancer. We've broken down the steps of getting a Cervical Screen so you know exactly what to expect.