About Us

About Us

XES Products is an online sex toy store dedicated to providing premium, accessible products and resources for everyone, without exception. In particular, we focus on empowering individuals with physical, cognitive and sexual health conditions to engage their sexuality, join the conversation around sexual wellbeing and explore their innermost desires. With XES, you’ll have access to high-quality, ergonomic products that support a diverse range of sexual interests and cater to unique individual characteristics. But it doesn’t stop there. 


XES Philosophy

Our intention is to host a safe space that facilitates much-needed dialogue around topics that don’t have a place in everyday conversation and to debunk myths that exclude certain people from exploring their sexuality. On this platform, you’ll find sex-positive blogs that explore a range of important topics and challenge the stigmatisation of people with physical or cognitive limitations expressing sexual desire. Our products are just one piece of the puzzle and it is our intention to target and bridge the information gap that hinders people from living a healthy and erotic sex life. Climb under the covers with us and explore a part of yourself that you've been waiting to meet.


Access With XES

Founded on a commitment to bridge the information gap that excludes certain groups from sexual exploration, XES caters to all pleasure seekers. Our platform is designed to encourage sexual curiosity, confidence, connection, satisfaction and kink for everybody, with every kind of body. We also aim to debunk myths that marginalise and stigmatise people with physical or cognitive limitations expressing sexual desire. 

So, on this premise, we invite you to explore our range of functional and ergonomic toys for risqué business. No matter your sexual persuasion, we are confident that you will find your groove and satisfy your innermost desires with XES. Contribute to a culture of inclusivity and join the conversation around sexual health and pleasure. Welcome to your orgasm, 2.0.

For more information on how XES is promoting accessibility, please click here.

Who Are We? 

We’re a Sydney-based couple with a background in rehabilitation and occupational therapy, advocating sexual wellbeing, empowerment, accessibility, inclusivity and, of course, all things pleasure. We believe that sexual health starts with the right education and it’s our goal to sweep it out from under the rug and promote much needed sex-positive conversations.