The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed ft XES Products

Image that reads 'The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed' with a picture of FlexMami inset.

We recently caught up with FlexMami on her podcast Whatever I Want to discuss the lack of accessibility in the sex toy industry!

Topics discussed include: 

  • How inaccessible the sex toy industry can be. 
  • What kind of sex toys people with varying needs and abilities may need. 
  • How the industry is improving and where it's regressing.  

+ more! 

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Image that reads "A conversation with Jennie Williams from Enhance the UK, #UndressingDisability" in red writing. There is an image of Jennie Williams to the right of the text. Jennie is wearing sunglasses and an orange and blue floral dress.

A Conversation with Jennie Williams from Enhance the UK

Illustration of two people staring out their window sills in different places and time zones. One looks over the beach and the other looks over the city skyline at night.

9 Tips for when you accidentally end up in a long-distance relationship

Illustration of a timeline of sex toys through the ages.

The History of Sex Toys


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