The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed ft XES Products

Image that reads 'The Sex Toy Industry Is Flawed' with a picture of FlexMami inset.

We recently caught up with FlexMami on her podcast Whatever I Want to discuss the lack of accessibility in the sex toy industry!

Topics discussed include: 

  • How inaccessible the sex toy industry can be. 
  • What kind of sex toys people with varying needs and abilities may need. 
  • How the industry is improving and where it's regressing.  

+ more! 

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Image that reads "A conversation with Jennie Williams from Enhance the UK, #UndressingDisability" in red writing. There is an image of Jennie Williams to the right of the text. Jennie is wearing sunglasses and an orange and blue floral dress.

A Conversation with Jennie Williams from Enhance the UK

Illustration of a a couple leaning in for a kiss. One person is in a tilted power chair while their partner is balancing with one foot on the power-chair and the other foot is in the air. The partner is leaning forward to kiss the powerchair user.

8 Tips and Tricks to Help Spice Up Your Sex Life When You Have Cerebral Palsy

Illustration of a timeline of sex toys through the ages.

The History of Sex Toys


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