Get them to the gym!

Illustration of a couple in a gym setting. One person is doing a sit up and kissing the other who is in a plank position.

Written by Anonymous

Illustration by Hattie Reid

*** Please note: this blog was written with light-hearted humour and is not intended to be taken seriously.***  


My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly a year and during that whole time I wanted him to share my love for health and fitness. I want to be that couple that exercises every day together, but that has proven quite a challenge. Until recently…

Through our sexual explorations together, we’ve found that for me the most pleasurable sex is hard, rough, fast. As expected, he wants to do everything he can to fulfil this desire. At the start of this new method his stamina was insufficient and he’d ultimately collapse on the bed in fatigue, unable to sustain it. He kept trying time after time, but again his stamina and strength were lacking.

He resorted to asking one of his mates for advice. He’d heard through the grapevine this was his forte. “How do you fuck hard, for a long time?”. His answer – Core strength. Alas, my wish for him to engage in some physical activity had been granted, with a different reasoning in mind for him. 

Since that moment, he’s even been eating a bit healthier, cutting the crap out of his diet, and with my persistent hassling moving his body in some way each day. V-Ups, leg raises along with tonnes of upper-body strength should do the trick. Immediate impact was evident. His stamina in the bedroom is much better, and his core strength is already improving. Drive and power is so much easier with a stronger core.

The longing to satisfy my needs have made him healthier – a double win for me, who would’ve thought?! 

So, if your partner isn’t fucking you hard enough like you want them to – get them to the gym! (or a makeshift COVID19 set-up).


When she's not studying a media and communications degree, anonymous loves playing local sports, writing and exercising with her friends. 

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