A Conversation with Jason Clymo and Carson Tueller

A Conversation with Jason Clymo and Carson Tueller

This week we were lucky enough to have Jason Clymo interview Carson Tueller for XES. Click through to hear all about the systemic desexualisation of people with disability, changes in sex life and relationships following an acquired disability and discussions regarding the sex toy industry.  



05:27 Systemic desexualisation of people with disability explained

12:00 Do you think your sex life and relationships have changed since becoming disabled?

19:24 Why do you think it's important for the sex toy industry to improve when it comes to inclusion, accessibility and universal design?


Jason Clymo is a 25-year-old queer, white man with disability. He is a model and activist who is incredibly passionate about the representation of people with disability in mainstream media. Jason is also the co-director of J2 Content Creation.

Carson Tueller is a coach, speaker and activist whose work provides people with the tools they need to live authentic, fulfilling, and powerful lives. Carson’s own journey into powerful living began in 2013 when, in the same year, he came out, and was then injured in an accident that paralyzed him from the chest down. Since then, Carson has brought his work into various settings, from international nonprofits to presidential campaigns, and his work has been featured broadly throughout the media. When Carson isn’t coaching or speaking, he can be found at the gym, reading non-fiction, or rolling around Brooklyn with his friends and Goldendoodle.

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